We created Snug back in 2010 to pursue our passion for everyday amazing architecture, authentic urban living and all things creative.

We’re inspired by Scandinavian design; natural materials; effective repurposing; the Vale of Glamorgan coastline; our friends, relationships, hobbies and distractions.

Practical and resourceful souls, we believe in creating imaginative, thoughtful, dynamic spaces, for you and your loved ones to shine and flourish.

 Our moto ‘Be nice and work hard’ underpins our drive, passion and ingenuity to transform great ideas into adorable spaces we hope you’ll love and cherish.

Juliette’s imaginative approach, excellent visualization, technical skills and construction knowledge is matched by her devotion as an obsessive home baker, glass maker, photographer, painter and furniture maker with best friend Yorkshire terrier Buddy helping explore new ideas, possibilities and passions.

Janet brings valuable cost management, project management and customer service experience, her thorough and pragmatic style ensures decisive decision making and attention to detail, an infectious customer experience brimming with energy, empathy and sense of fun while juggling a family of devoted cyclists, Instagram followers and adorable dachsund fanatics.